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The ultimate accessory for the Chopper Rider or Hotrodder, the Mexican blanket has been a timeless staple for decades.
Whether it is to be used as a blanket, wall decoration, poncho, pillow, makeshift interior upholstery or to wrap around a corpse when disposing of it, these bad boys wont let you down, and you will be doing it in style
Are you searching for a blanket that is suitable for every season? Look no further we got the perfect blanket for you. Made in Tlaxcala Mexico with breathable, lightweight, and 100% recycled materials, this fabric features a water repellent component that comes in handy with every kind of situation making this blanket perfect for any occasion and location you can ever think of. Machine washable, tumble dry with no heat.
We have hand made leather straps for the blankets to keep them nice and compact and because we just can't help ourselves. If you have preference for black or brown leather drop me a message or I will just send them at random.

Need to know:

* Choice of 5 colour ways

* Hand woven in Tlaxcala Mexico

* Measures 180cm x 120cm

* Hand made leather strap, embossed with Boyds logo - if you trust this to keep in attached to your sissy bar and lose it, thats on you.