Boyds Of Bedford

Boyds Of Bedford Sticker Pack

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Sickers for sticking on stuff.

The Boyds of Bedford sticker pack features a circular sticker of our crest, the twin cam design and headlight design all in black and white.

Instructions for use:

  1. Find a space on your bike, car, toolbox, house friend or pet* which needs making cooler
  2. Ensure the surface is free of dirt, grease, debris or hair**
  3. Peel off sticker backing and affix to surface
  4. Step back, admire and take a photo to share on social media. Tag @boydsofbedford or #boydsofbedford
  5. Smile

*Please DON'T put stickers on your pet

** Please DON'T shave your pet (unless you were doing so anyway)