On the Move

On the Move

We've shouted about it on social media so you may know this already but we have moved our business just out of Bedford town to Stagsden, a beautiful rural location with views to die for and opportunity for rideouts a plenty.

We can never sit still as owners of BoB, and we try to keep as agile as possible to switch up our business when we want to improve it. We're offering a cosy and inviting hangout, fantastic coffee bratwursts and pretzels to our guests, and a space for people to work and hang out, while looking at our burgeoning range of gear.

We've introduced some new brands including Kytone, Brixton, Biltwell and Roeg and have started to offer womenswear from Eudoxie, always focussing on giving our loyal customers the products they're after.

Jess has always wanted to have a cafe, and Tom has always wanted to have a pub. Although our Boyds of Bedford brand is only a year old, we're now able to get behind it fully and expand our vision to provide an unrivalled experience to our customers.

We will be hosting events and meets when the weather improves, but in the meantime, get over here, pull up a seat and enjoy the food, drink, wifi and awful banter.

Images by @unparalleledtwin

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